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Shiny Black Vacuum Bags
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Stand up pouch without zipper is also used as a vacuum pouch: it is available in sizes from 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml, 1 litre. (Please check how many kilograms you can fill inside by requesting samples)
The minimum quantity of purchase is 100 pieces in each size. 
vacuum pouches can come in three different colors options clear transparent, matt silver, shiny black.
We can hot fill any type of liquid upto 80 to 90 degrees Celcius inside our vacuum bags. These bags can withstand upto minus 40 degrees Celcius. 
Fully custom printing of vacuum pouches is also available with minimum quantity. 
We can replace containers/bottles with vacuum pouches because the pouches are spill proof and leak proof during transportation and it is very good for the takeaway model of business. 
Customers can store the pouches in freeze and reuse them again whenever required, no need to empty the products in another container because the pouches can stand. 
It is very convenient to pack chicken/ beef/ pork/ vegetable soups, curry paste, different sauces, salad dressing oils, raw meats or any cooked food for takeaway packaging. 
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