Custom stand up or doypack packaging is one of the most flexible pouches we can offer. These packages have the characteristic of standing on itself. Also, another advantage it has is that this pouch is able to display it better, store it without the need for an extra container and it’s easier to use for the final consumer.

For printed or custom bags we use two types of printing:

A. Digital printing:The minimum quantity is 1000 units onwards. Just keep in mind that the price of bags printed on digital printing is high.

B. Rotogravure printing: For this type of printing the minimum we print is 10,000 bags. The price of the bags is much cheaper and the print quality is much higher. Swiss Pac Peru manufactures and prints custom stand up pouches up to 9 colors. We use engraved copper cylinders for printing. With them we can obtain custom printed pouches with a resolution of 600 DPI. Compared to competitors, who provide 200 DPI with flexographic printing technology.

You can add some other complements to the Stand up pouches as:


  • Resealed zipper
  • Euro slot
  • Tear notch
  • Valve
  • Clear window


Print options:


  • Gloss finish with metallic laminate
  • Matte finish with metallic laminate
  • Gloss finish with transparent window
  • Matte finish with transparent window
  • Matte finish with blurry / frosted window


If you require any special material, please contact us.

We attach the images of our custom products.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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