With the aim of reducing environmental damage we have developed a line of biodegradable bags. These can be used to pack a variety of products and in turn are the most environmentally friendly option.

For the manufacture of our biodegradable bags we do not use toxic materials, to make the bag degrade in less time. As manufacturers of biodegradable plastic bags we ensure that they are made to resist moisture, oxygen, microorganisms, etc. And also be able to contain the product in the same way as traditional plastic containers.

We offer biodegradable bags in different formats:

  • Stand up or give pack bags
  • Biodegradable bags with side bellows
  • And the greenest option of all: biodegradable paper bags

Swiss Pac Peru’s biodegradable bags can be used by any type of products, such as:

  • Food products
  • Animal food
  • Cosmetic products

Biodegradable bags are made with an environmentally friendly type of plastic. It is called green packaging, because it is completely degradable.

We attach the images of our custom products.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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