Swiss pack Peru manufactures bags with digital plastic printing, which may have a matte, glossy finish or a mix of both. Likewise, a transparent window can be placed in any part of the package and in different sizes. Whether you want a rectangle, oval, circle, square, etc. We have a wide variety of packaging such as standing bags, flat bottom bags, side fold bags, biodegradable, pillow type bags, bags with three side seals and many more.

Today, marketing strategies have totally changed in the digital world. Everyone focuses on the digital marketing of their company, brand, product printed on their packaging that they want to offer. Digital printing is the best option and provides greater visibility to customers at the time of the final purchase decision.

Digital printing: The minimum quantity is 1000 units onwards. Just keep in mind that the price of bags printed on digital printing is high.

This one can be considered as the best option, if the quantity of the products are not too high.

We attach the images of our custom products.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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