The importance of the packaging process is vital for the final consumer to enjoy a good coffee. This is one insight that clients who are in the coffee sector must know and follow. To achieve this it is necessary to have quality packaging, which is why as a manufacturer of flexible packaging we offer our coffee bags in various designs.

The designs we have in coffee bags are the next ones:

  • Stand up or doypack bags
  • Side gusset bags
  • Flat bottom bags
  • Jute look high barrier bags
  • Kraft paper bags

Additionally, in each of the types of coffee bags mentioned above you can choose to include a number of applications such as euroslot, die cut handles, resealable zippers and, most importantly, valves.


Since we are talking about coffee bags, as a responsible company we recommend to our clients to have degassing valves into this pouches. Because after a period of time or hours, the coffee will throw some gases that can be dangerous for the shelf life of itself.

We attach the images of our custom products.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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